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[The character of Miss-Miss, in Pickling by Suzan-Lori Parks is] realized with deep subtlety and faultless comic timing by Jaye Austin Williams.

  • D.J.R. Bruckner, The New York Times

Performed eloquently by Jaye Austin Williams, the one-character, one-act play, Pickling, resonates with loss, longing, and oddball humor.

  • Francine Russo, The Village Voice

Actors have both minds and bodies, and as such, they deploy both as instruments. They think and reflect, leading to speech (whether manual, oral or technologically enabled) and action. They are therefore capable of carrying both demands, and of vivifying moment-to-moment existence within the imaginary realm. It is, therefore, the amalgamation of thought, speech and particularized action that fosters the most vibrant engagement between an actor and audience.

  • Jaye Austin Williams

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